Ohio SCRAPE-A-ROUND Distributors

This Unique windshield Ice Scraper has been featured on TV, at Auto and Home Shows, and has won Grand Acclaim at County and State Fairs across the country.  Now that this Ice-Scraping Wonder is available here in our home state, Ohio's Ice Scraping Woes are OVER!!


Scrape-A-Round Announces Paradigm Shift In Windshield Ice Scraping 


Inventor Galen Merrell is proud to announce a paradigm shift in windshield ice scraping, by introducing the world's best ice scraper, the "Scrape-A-Round." The new scraper rejects the traditional hard, flat plastic concept and replaces it with a soft plastic, cone-shaped design, which scrapes windows cleaner in half the time.

The Scrape-A-Round has sold 100,000 units in recent years at craft shows and out of the garage.  A third of last season's purchases were reorders.  Once purchasers use the Scrape-A-Round they don't go back to a hard, flat plastic scraper.

The concept arose partially out of necessity.  One frozen winter morning the inventor found himself without a traditional scraper to clean his ice-covered windshield and was pressed to use miscellaneous objects from the garage.  He found that a flexible, round shape was effective.  A secondary factor in the concept was a desire for a scraper that was ergonomic, especially for those with carpal tunnel syndrome or the arthritic and the elderly.  With the goal of comfortable grasp in mind, the cone diameter and optimal scraping angle were set.  To complete the design, the inventor wanted a multifunctional aspect.  By removing the cap, the Scrape-A-Round doubles as the ideal shaped funnel for adding antifreeze and windshield washing solution.

The inventor has hesitated licensing the Scrape-A-Round, but admits it would be the perfect marriage to an antifreeze or windshield washing solution manufacturer, who wished to round out its wintertime line of products.

The Scrape-A-Round has proven itself superior to flat, hard scrapers from Washington to New York, and Texas to Minnesota.  Also, positive reports have come from Germany, Alaska and Japan.

The cone shape plows ice using the strength of an arch with a double scraping action in any direction. The flexible body of the scraper conforms to the window curvature allowing the 18 inches of scraping surface to remain in contact with the window. The softer polypropylene plastic cannot scratch the window or harm the trim. The comfortable grasp and multifunctional aspect of a funnel is an extra.